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Welcome to angels of light
Merkaba Star

Welcome to Angels of Light, a Centre of Light to bring like minded people together, to experience, and expand their spiritual growth.

It is not a coincidence that you have found your way to our website, as our Guardian Angels always guide us to the places we are meant to be.

Terri and Buddy are certified Angel Therpy Practitioners® ,Intutive Life Coach, Reiki Masters, Past Life Regression, Past Life Cord Cutting and Clearing, certified Atlantian Teachers from the Diana Cooper School of Angels, and Angel Crystal Healers. These are methods that involve working with a person’s Guardian Angels and Archangels, to help heal and bring balance to your life. Terri also has an Angel Website for children please check it out on

We all have Guardian Angels to help guide us with every aspect of our lives, but they cannot help us unless we ask. When we open ourselves up to hearing the messages from our Angels, our lives become more peaceful. Angel guides are “beings of light”. The word “Angel” really means messenger. These enlightened beings speak to us within, bringing messages of wisdom which lovingly direct us whenever we need it.

Our Guardian Angels never leave our sides; they are constantly supporting us throughout our entire lives.

Like God, Angels love us unconditionally no matter what mistakes we make or have made.

Love & Light,

Terri & Buddy

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