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About Us

Terri Allen is a International Clairvoyant from England. Terri is a Spiritual Energy Healer & Clearer, Angel Intuitive, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master. She has conducted many Healing sessions around the world, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai. London and now resides in Los Angeles, California.

When working with my cleints, I open my self up spiritually to the Divine Light and my Angelic Guides, allowing them to work through me. I am then intuitively guided on what each person needs are and where their energy blockages are being held within their bodies. The Divine beings of Light will help create a sense of relief and resolve discomfort and remove energetic blockages within yourself. The Divine Angels of Light will restore and renew every part of you and your body will become fully aligned. Profound shifts of healing and awareness will occur after your session.

I use the Crystal Therapy Bed, a powerful healing tool and an extension of the healing work, whilst my experience with Healing and Mediumship allows me to communicate healing messages from the Angels of Light.

Terri is a Co-Author  of two children’s books – My Magical Garden and My Magical Tree. The books help schools, teachers, parents and children with questions around mindfulness, imagination, creativity and well being. They contain tools and information that help adults better understand and connect with the child, whilst helping children to navigate and understand their emotions and express them in a safe and loving way. I also work with Children and Teenagers with one on one private sessions.   HH4C Link


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