First day at John of God.

We all set off to the casa at 7.30am as John of God normally arrives around 8.30am. It’s funny it doesn’t matter how many times you visit him you still get a little nervous. Some of our group was extremely nervous and this is normal as the energy at the casa is so strong.

It’s lovely to see the main street down to the casa filled will people wearing their white clothes, they all look so angelic as if we are all arriving at the gates of heaven. In a way I suppose we are!

As we all waited patiently John of God arrived and came out onto the stage, with a new entity that had incorporated into his body. Apparently this new entity came in the start of the new year and has changed the way the operation lines work, So we weren’t prepared for the new system and you could see and feel the new strong vibrant energy of the new entity. Even the staff at the casa seemed to be thrown a bit by the new entity on this visit (no one know’s his name so hence why I keep writing new entity).  We normally go by a system where Continue reading

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Arrival at Basilia John of God

We all arrived safely after 18 hours door to door traveling. Our group arrived the following day and so we decided it would be good for them to have a crystal bed session. This will help them to correct their jetlag by balancing their chakras and aura. The crystal beds at the casa are so strong they take you into a different world. My meditations are always the best and very clear while lying on our bed at home.

The following day we took our group to the casa water fall. The ladies all go together and males go separately. As I stopped into the waterfall the energy was profound it takes your break away. You feel the energy of the water cleansing all of your body and aura. You feel fully cleared, cleansed and reborne.  The water fall is full of special magical energy you can feel it as you walk all the way down the hill on the pathway towards the sacred place, instantly it hits you and you become calmer from within . I call it the magical spirit of the elemental kingdom.Butterflies fly around your head and landing close by to us as if they are here assisting you while you are here on your journey. After stepping out of the waterfall my mother felt the pain in here hip and leg subside. The ladies in my group where astonished at how the water fall effected them on a deep soul level. Each time buddy and I have visited the water fall has a deep spiritual connection within your heart.

Tomorrow is the day we all go to stand in front of John Of God

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John of God Tour

Just a  few days left before we head off to Brazil. Always an exciting moment to be going to see John of God as you never know what to expect sometimes as its such a miracle place.   This year we have a group coming with us and we are excited for them, plus wondering how they will find their personal experience while there.

I will be blogging daily plus images of our 2 week trip, i feel its a must because so much happens while receiving healing their i felt the need to write it all down this year.


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Dear All welcome to our first Angels of Light Blog!

Yes we have been slow getting this up and going but with so much going on and along with writing and publishing our children’s book it’s been a hectic time! We have also set up a new children’s healing website.

We also have a Children’s Angel free interactive website called:

Angels Love Children

The book was done by myself and Jacqui Gray founders of Holistic Healing 4 Children.

We are very excited about our new book called “My Magical Garden” which is coming out in the very near future (we will keep you posted!). Continue reading

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