First day at John of God.

We all set off to the casa at 7.30am as John of God normally arrives around 8.30am. It’s funny it doesn’t matter how many times you visit him you still get a little nervous. Some of our group was extremely nervous and this is normal as the energy at the casa is so strong.

It’s lovely to see the main street down to the casa filled will people wearing their white clothes, they all look so angelic as if we are all arriving at the gates of heaven. In a way I suppose we are!

As we all waited patiently John of God arrived and came out onto the stage, with a new entity that had incorporated into his body. Apparently this new entity came in the start of the new year and has changed the way the operation lines work, So we weren’t prepared for the new system and you could see and feel the new strong vibrant energy of the new entity. Even the staff at the casa seemed to be thrown a bit by the new entity on this visit (no one know’s his name so hence why I keep writing new entity).  We normally go by a system where as they call 1st time line for new comers, 2nd line for people that have already received healing and revision line, thats for people whom have had surgery and now need to go in front of JOG to check the spiritual operation went well. Well not today, he called everyone onto surgery except those who wanted to stand in front of JOG and children.  We were all a little surprised and I informed my group to follow their hearts, if they want surgery now to go straight in or wait and see what JOG says personally for you and what you need.

The new entity inside of JOG was so active he was in and out speaking from the stage, telling everyone how important it is to eat and drink correctly as your stomachs need real care and respect. I personally took this as a sign that our food and water is not pure anymore and therefore we really need to watch what we eat and drink.

The energy today was so strong we were all gone. Buddy, I and Michael waited to be called all day long with the other children and their parents. I felt they did this so that the Children could receive as much healing as possible just sitting in the casa grounds.
Eventually we were all called and in we went to the main hall. As buddy, Michael and I stood in front of JOG he looked deeply at us all one by one, he then told us to all sit in the healing room. As the 3 of us sat in the healing room along with some other people, buddy and I saw the entities working on all three of us. Firstly they cut the old cords off Michael’s heart then they entwined our energies together at the heart chakra as one. We then saw  Michael’s biological mother and father wave and say good by spiritually. It was such an emotional healing that buddy and i wept but in a nice way feeling really lucky to have Michael in our lives and for him to have such lovely parents to be able to spiritually let go of their son. It was indeed a special day.

The rest of our group had received spiritual surgery and where now all resting in their rooms for the next 24hrs. So many poole had received surgery that day their was hardly anyone left!
Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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