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My Magical Garden Book

My Magical Garden Book


Reaching out to all children and parents who feel a little lost in the big wide world, My Magical Garden is an enjoyable, interactive and easy-to-use self-help book. A collection of illustrations and poems, this pioneering book has been written to help children, from the age of five, work through their emotions and express them in a safe and loving way. Continue reading.. This includes postal

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Personally signed by author.

My Magical Garden Mindfulness Book is the basis of a technique that provides support and relief for children with anxiety, grief and challenging behavior.

My Magical Garden helps to identify the emotional needs of a child and offers a fun, easy and non-invasive communication tool. The book is designed to help children understand and talk about their feelings.  It guides the child through a series of choices allowing them to build a magical garden which empowers them to feel in control and to navigate through challenging situations.

By reading the book together the child feels the unconditional support of a parent, career or teacher and they will feel empowered to ask for help and make attempts to work through difficult situations.

*Comes with a audio downloadable guided Visualisation

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