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Crystel Jewellery

Purple QuartzAngel Pendant 1Angel of Light Opalite PendantPebbles

We sell a selection of crystals from, tumble stones,  rough stones, pendants, wands and Angel Star products and much more. Please call us to view our full range.

Terri  also makes gemstone necklaces, bracelets, earrings & accessories using a variation of crystals.Each piece of jewelry has its own subtle angelic energy. There are only a few items displayed on this website as many of the pieces she makes are one of a kind.

My Magical Garden Book

My Magical Garden Book - $30

Reaching out to all children and parents who feel a little lost in the big wide world, My Magical Garden is an enjoyable, interactive and easy-to-use self-help book. A collection of illustrations and poems, this pioneering book has been written to help children, from the age of five, work through their emotions and express them in a safe and loving way. Continue reading.. This includes postal

Past Life Karma Releasing CD [Download]

Past Life Karma Releasing CD [Download] - $4

This Meditation take you to meet the karmic angels and the high council members. The high council members have the power to remove past life issues and modify our charts if requested. You will be able to remove blocks and obstacles that are holding you back at this present day time.

Angels  Awakening Meditation CD [Download]

Angels Awakening Meditation CD [Download] - $4

*Track one: This beautiful meditation will guide through Angelic Chakra Clearing *Track two: Help you to connect with your Angel Guide, communicate, receive healing and clearing from Archangel Michel, Raphael, Chamuel and Uriel.

My Magical Garden Meditation [Download]

My Magical Garden Meditation [Download] - $4

Terri’s guided meditation will take you on a journey to your magical mystical garden were you can connect with spiritual friends and creatures. Children will calm their mind and connect to the energy of their body. They will learn how to heal, clear and protect their aura and by using the power of guided imagery it will help your child to become calmer and happier within themselves.

Angel Of Light Opalite Pendant

Angel Of Light Opalite Pendant - $45

Pendant is handmade. Measures 60 mm x 40 mm.

Crystal Healing Water Bags

Crystal Healing Water Bags - $25

Place all 6 stones into your jug of water or water filter to help to heal and energize your entire body. Each bag contains 2 Rose Quartz, 2 Amethyst & 2 Clear Quartz & 2 Black Tourmaline.

Obsidian Angel

Obsidian Angel - $40

This powerful angel pendant has been individually handmade. The Obsidian angel pendant grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane. It also helps facing up to ones true self and brings imbalances and shadow qualities to the surface for release. Arch Angel Jophiel, Michael & Raziel are associated with this stone. sold out

John Of God Healing Rosary

John Of God Healing Rosary - $40

Come in Clear Quarts, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Chakra Colours & Citrine.


Rose and Clear Quartz Hanging Crystal Window Chimer

Rose and Clear Quartz Hanging Crystal Window Chimer - $30

Rose and Clear Quartz Hanging Crystal Window Chimer

Daily Guidance from your Angels

Daily Guidance from your Angels - $30

 Messages from your Angels Cards

Messages from your Angels Cards - $30

Clear and Rose Quartz set in Solid Silver Pendants

Clear and Rose Quartz set in Solid Silver Pendants - $100

The crystals come from John of Gods Healing Retreat as each one has been blessed. They come in Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz. Price depends on each item starting from Dhs350 ($100) upwards.


Pendulums - $70

We stock a big range of pendulums in all colours and styles. Prices range from Dhs70 ($18.99) upwards.

Amethyst Hanging Window Chime

Amethyst Hanging Window Chime - $30

The Angel Of Light Patriot

The Angel Of Light Patriot - $41

Angel is made from Opalite and comes in a padded gift. Measuring 65 mm x 55 mm approx. SOLD OUT