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Terri Allen is a Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healer and Reader, Certified Angel Therapy Reader, and Reiki Master. Terri teaches Mindfulness and Meditation to children, teenagers and adults. During Terri’s sessions, she opens herself up spiritually to the Divine Light and the Angelic Realm, allowing them to work through her. Terri is then intuitively guided on what each persons needs are and where their energy blockages are being held within their bodies. The Divine beings of Light will help create a sense of relief and resolve discomfort and remove energetic blockages within yourself. Profound shifts of healing and awareness will occur after your session.

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Terri is also co-Author of two Award Winning Children’s Mindfulness books given by https://awards.creativechild.com Creative Child Book of the of the Year , My Magical Garden Book and My Magical Garden Book. Certified CTI Life Coach, Diploma in counselling for children and adolescents at Stone Bridge College England, Certified Holistic Therapy, England. Teaches Mindfulness and Meditation in schools, centres, teachers, parents and children. She is regularly invited to teach mindfulness to the children at https://agapelive.com

Due to her caring, intuitive and holistic work, Terri is often been referred to as “The Child Whisperer”. She uses her award winning books during her practise to assist children with expressing their emotions in a safe and loving way, and as an extension of her many teaching tools.

Terri was born and raised in England, and has lived and worked globally including HongKong, Singapore and Dubai,  has worked globally in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai . Terri resides in Los Angeles, California, with her husband, son and six cats rescued from Dubai.

Peace and Blessing’s

Terri xx


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