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Crystal Therapy Bed

The Crystal Healing Therapy Bed is a powerful healing tool that uses specially cut and lit vogel clear quartz crystals.

The crystals are positioned over the seven major energy centres, commonly known as chakras. Pulsating coloured light is emitted through the crystals to bathe each chakra in a pattern of healing light.


Crystal Bed Healing has a powerful healing effect on the physical, emotional and energetic levels. The Crystal Bed helps the body with rejuvenation, and alignment. balancing the Chakras and energy fields, it nourishes and revitalizes your general wellbeing, as well as heals specific. The crystal bed is great for recovering from jet lag. After just one session, your body is completely reset.

Crystal Healing Bed is non-invasive and has no contra-indications. The person remains fully clothed and an eye mask is placed over the eyes. The room is then closed and as the coloured light bathes the individual chakras of the body, gentle and relaxing music is played throughout the session.

 Crystal Bed Session Timings
Energy Exchange –

30 Minutes $50

50 Minutes $80

40 Minutes $60

1Hr $100

 Los Angels, California

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