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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship

Angels of Light Children’s Foundation is a non-profit organization as described in 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN#: 87-0827251, registered in the state of California. In accordance with the Internal Revenue Service guidelines, Angels of Light Children’s Foundation maintains discretion and sole control over the use of all donated funds.

All donations are non-refundable. No goods or services were provided in return for any contribution. Contributions are tax-deductible to the limit allowed by law. Donors will be mailed a contribution statement for their annual donations by January of the following year. If you have any questions regarding your donation(s) or need a copy of your contribution statement, please feel free to contact us at info@angelsoflightonline.com



1. Transformative Impact: Your sponsorship extends beyond supporting our unique mindfulness programs; it plays a vital role in the comprehensive development of children. These programs, implemented in schools, community centers, hospitals, and available online, help manage stress and anxiety, contributing to the emotional intelligence of future generations. They offer significant benefits not only to children but also to parents, teachers, caregivers, and therapists, who are integral in nurturing and guiding these young minds.

2. Align with Corporate Social Responsibility: By partnering with our foundation, your company’s CSR initiatives gain a global impact, particularly in promoting well-being and environmental sustainability. Our nature-focused mindfulness programs not only align with values of mental wellness and ecological awareness but also contribute to a larger global cause. These initiatives foster a healthier, more mindful generation, influencing positive change in communities worldwide. This partnership offers a meaningful opportunity for your corporation to make a significant, lasting impact on global well-being and environmental stewardship.

3. Enhance Corporate Image and Values Alignment: Collaborating with Angels of Light Children’s Foundation enhances your corporate image as a socially responsible and mindful brand. It demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of future generations, aligning with global CSR objectives of creating sustainable, healthy communities. It also offers an optional benefit: your staff can access our mindfulness programs. This choice supports your employees’ wellbeing, aligning with broader CSR objectives.


Individual Donation of

Any Amount

Allows Angels of Light Foundation to provide following to children:

We supply a child with both Award Winning Books My Magical Garden and My Magical Tree Book. Plus free downloadable mindfulness meditations and activities

Tier 1



to a school of your choice and this will include the following:

10 Award Winning Mindfulness Book My Magical Garden and 10 My Magical Tree Books

Tier 2



to a school of your choice and this will include the following:

50 of our Award Winning Mindfulness Book My Magical Garden and 50 My Magical Tree Books Plus The Mindful Garden Mindfulness Programs

Tier 3



to a school of your choice and this will include the following:

100 Award Winning Mindfulness Book My Magical Garden and 100 My Magical Tree Books

The Mindful Garden Mindfulness Program for Educators and Schools

Training for Children, students and Educators on our Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness Authors visit for the entire school

Tier 4



Sponsor A Mindful Garden For Schools

Mindfulness gardens are beneficial for children as they provide a serene environment that promotes relaxation and emotional well-being. These gardens encourage children to engage with nature, fostering a sense of curiosity and connection to the natural world. The sensory experiences in a mindfulness garden—such as touching plants, smelling flowers, and listening to the sounds of nature—can help reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, these spaces support mindfulness practices like meditation and deep breathing, which can improve focus, self-regulation, and overall mental health. By spending time in a mindfulness garden, kids can develop a greater awareness of their surroundings and emotions, leading to enhanced emotional resilience and cognitive growth.