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Rev Leon Cambell – Director of Youth & Family at Agape International

I used My Magical Garden and My Magical Tree Mindfulness Books and programs as a tool with the children at Mindvalley University this past summer in Croatia. Over the four weeks period of using both books, I saw how the children expanded their awareness and imaginations. They learnt how to balance themselves emotionally within by using the appendix in each book. I then asked the children to take an image from one of the pages of the books that represented them and asked the children to make an art piece out of what they connected mostly to that reflected them and expand on it. We decorated the classroom with each person’s creative image of their unique qualities, it was magical to see how each child saw their uniqueness and what they had to offer this world. At the end of the four weeks the children where more imaginative, creative, balanced, calmer, confident, more emotionally aware and empowered. Over 30 years of working with children around the world, both books and programs where a unique powerful gem and I was so blessed and honoured to have had the chance to work with them.