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About Foundation

Foundation Founders

Terri Allen and Buddy Abrahams believe that children all over the world deserve mindfulness education and the enrichment resources they need to thrive and succeed in today’s stressful World.

About Terri

“We believe that the children of this World deserve to be educated from a place of kindness, nurturing, joy, love & respect. Our offerings help bring a pure level of balance to a child’s inner and outer world through Mindfulness Education through Nature.”

Terri weaves her deep understanding of our connection to Nature throughout all of her mindfulness teaching practices.


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Angels of Light Children's Foundation

The Angels of Light Children’s Foundation was established in 2021 by Co-Founders Terri Allen & Buddy Abrahams to bring mindfulness education and enrichment resources to children all over the World.

We Love Children

Our Mission

Angels of Light Children’s Foundation is non-profit organization that provides children, teachers, parents & professionals with effective Mindfulness tools and knowledge that provide Whole Child, Whole Community & Whole Education benefits.

Currently, children worldwide are being exposed to extraordinary levels of stress and disruption that even most adults find too challenging to process.

The mission of our Foundation is to Nurture Wellness and to help children develop the knowledge and skills, through our Mindfulness in Nature Education.

Founder Terri Allen’s cultivated programs integrate her mindfulness books, including the Award Winning My Magical Garden and My Magical Tree, along with her child-friendly Mindfulness in Nature meditations and unique Mindful programs and other proven techniques to assist and develop the knowledge and tools children need to expand and develop their imagination, understand their emotions better, regulate their emotions, manage stress and any other challenges they may be facing by using these special mindfulness skills whenever needed to build a solid foundation for lifelong balance and wellbeing.

Our Mindfulness Programs support Mental health issues such as:

Anxiety - Depression - Anger issues - Suicide