Welcome to Angels of Light Children's Foundation

Our Journey

I did not realize the full scope of all I had learned and what I had taught until I was able to apply it to my own personal journey.

Our beautiful son Michael has been a joy and a true loving experience. He has allowed us to grow and use my knowledge, experiences and unique healing tools. Through careful, guided teaching Michael has found his inner voice and has been able to release any past trauma. Today he is in a peaceful, loving aligned place. Teaching Michael to follow his path continuously shows me that children have everything they need to experience a life of happiness.

From a young age adoption has always been very near and dear to our hearts. It was that inner calling that led us to work for and support orphanages in the UK, Dhaka, Ethiopia and South Africa. How could we have known the joy that would follow?

Shortly after, a client came to see me and explained that she was adopting a child from Ethiopia. I explained that we too were looking into adoption and explained what had happened during our meditation and I described Michael. Some time passed and Goranka called to let me know that she had just adopted a baby girl. To my surprise, Goranka went on to tell me that while at the orphanage where she found her baby she saw the 2-year-old boy that I had described to her. With much joy and anticipation in our hearts, my husband Buddy and I made the decision to go there.

Arrangements to meet Michael were made prior to our arrival at the orphanage in Ethiopia. Needless to say, when Michael walked out to meet us we both realized that this little boy was our child. He walked directly to us and sat on our laps. Michael’s aura shined and his smile was gorgeous. My eyes welled from his warm reaction to us both.

Buddy and I were overwhelmed with joy and love when we finally had approval to legally adopt Michael. He was finally our son and a part of our family.

Over the next few years we visited Ethiopia and its orphanages several times. We would take clothes, educational supplies and toys. Buddy and I have always found that the children in these orphanages have a special light from within and are special little angels. They bring so much joy to so many people who can’t have children of their own.

On these visits, we would meet with Michael’s biological father and would update him on Michael and his life with us. When Michael was 8 he asked if he could join us on a trip to Ethiopia. He visited with his father and some of the children at the orphanage. It was such an emotional visit and a reflective one for Michael. It was a visit that allowed him to reconnect with his family and understand where he had begun his journey. This visit has been the subject of many conversations with Michael and we always strive to be completely transparent and understanding.

Being Michael’s parents is the greatest joy of our life. It has not been without its challenges but has allowed us to grow and learn. Also, my experience in working with children of all ages and in orphanages over the years has been a blessing. It has not always been an easy road, but one that has given us the necessary tools to be able to help children and their families emotionally. Helping them is our true calling and one that we will always be truly grateful for.

Starting the Angels of Light children’s foundation is very important to us, as we wanted to give back to the children not just in Africa but all around the world through mindfulness education. It’s our mission to support, educate and inspire children and communities.