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Client Testimonial

LOVE Terri. She has a special gift and is sharing it with the world. From the second you walk into her space you feel immediately lighter.  Her guided meditations are beautiful and energy clearings are life changing. She provides you guidance to also take with you so you can carry the light with you every day.

Valerie Pappas Llauro, Los Angeles, CA

Just had my chakra healing sessions with Terri, it was a wonderful experience, helped me relax, think more clearly , and ground myself and to continue to conquer this crazy world we live in!

Teresa Mitchell, Los Angeles, California

Dear Terri, I have been working with you for many years now and after each of your beautiful sessions, i have an instant renewal of life. I am so grateful for your powerful work.

Love Jette – Denmark xx

Terri came to clear the energy of my apartment. I was feeling very drained of physical energy for no reason. I also had a very uncomfortable feeling something was off in my home.  Terri came over and preformed a house clearing where she closed a portal and cleared a few other energies away. That evening i felt the effects instantly. I was calmer, more energy and i was no longer feeling drained. My sick cat even got lively. I highly recommend Terri clearing, it’s amazing.

Coco des Rosiers, Venice Boulevard, California, USA.

Hi Terri, I wanted to say thank you for our session. Since then I have taken positive steps in my life. I listen to your Angels Meditations Daily. I feel lighter and more connected. You are an Angel.

Love Erin Aleen Scalon, Los Angels, California

Dear Terri, I meet you for a private session at a time i needed help and healing. My dog i loved so much Daisy was sick with cancer. After just after one session it changed my life. I came to the realisation that Daisy’s time was done her on earth and that  I must respect that and let her go peacefully. I know then that she would still spiritually be my angel guide from heaven. Thank you for your wonderful gift and help.

Love Stephanie Mistofsky Kanan. Los Angeles,  California

Dear Terri, Thank you for my long distance house clearing. My house is so calm and peaceful now, i can’t thank you enough.

Love Merrilie Cameron, Scotland. England 2019

I was at a critical stage in my life and health – I need something powerful. Terri’s amazing gift of being able to tap in deep and so quickly to asses issues that are going on, both physically and emotionally is nothing short of miraculous. It has been almost one year of support, guidance, healing, clearings and the wonderful crystal bed; that my life and health has turned for the better.  I have chronic health issues that incapacitate me, numerous sensitivities to even begin to list, and under Terri’s special talents, guidance, confidence, ability to communicate with angels and spirit, my issues and sensitivities are lessening and lessening.

Kathy Korey,  Canada.  September 19, 2019

I attended a healing session with Terri, although words will not do this justice…….this was a heavenly experience from the moment I walked in and throughout the whole day.  Divine energy was present in the room, the meditations were guided and paced at a level for all to follow.  I left the day feeling at peace with myself and since then I can feel a shift happening and genuinely feel very blessed.  I cant wait for the next healing day……..

With Kind Regards
Surinder Kullar 2019

Dear Terri, My heartfelt thank you. She is a  wonderful person and absolutely marvellous energy healer.It was an awakening for my 2 daughters and me Fabulous changes have taken place in our lives and now we enjoy being together as a family. I am much more calmer and at peace with life.

Love, light and gratitude
Mona, Dubai, 2018

Dear Terri, During the second clearing is where I experienced first-hand a connection between my physical and my subtle body. What I witnessed with my eyes closed and what I felt around me was magical. For me, the breakthrough was not only in the fact that I was experiencing something not even remotely in my realm of expectation at the time, but that I experienced it in complete calm, feeling safe and in the care of a universal force of only goodness. Please accept my love and best wishes always

Seif Elnasr, 2 February 2017

My little daughter just turned three. For a year and a half she would cough endlessly. Throughout the course of these many months, she was seen by three different paediatricians, nothing changed. I spoke to Terri and brought my daughter in to see her. Thank you Terri for the phenomenal work that you make available to everyone and for being the direct honest and caring person that you are. You radiate light and you have changed our lives in many ways.

Nathalie Mansour, 2018

Dear Terri, I must say the clearing and energy balancing guided meditations by you were very deep and I felt the energy flowing beautifully through my body almost immediately after. I felt a deep feeling of peace, calmness and infinite love that’s hard to describe with words. I had two major breakthroughs in pressing matters that I discussed before with you. The blockages were removed for sure and the energy within got aligned. I am still with all these lovely happy effects two weeks later! Again a big thank you!

Love and light,
Jioanna Alexander April 2017
Holistic Health Coach / Nutritionist

Dear Terri, It’s already 9 days since my past life cord cutting and clearing. I am now not afraid to consider any changes. I am feeling really good. It worked magic! Thank you for being with us and for your kind help.

With best regards
Elena 2015

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