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Mindfulness Meditations

Terri channels and writes her my own mindfulness meditations – called Mindfulness in Nature. Live nature videos that can be used alone or as a  wonderful family tool, reminding us to slow down, be present with the natural world.

By either following the fish in the ocean, to the flow of a river trickling over stones, or the sun coming through the trees, simple but powerful mindful exercises. By either using your focused awareness, investigates awareness, choice less awareness, or natural awareness to bring in that mindful moment.

These videos are especially wonderful for those who are house bound or in hospital, for them to be able to still connect energetically and to appreciate the beauty of the trees, plants and natural settings that mother earth gives to us from their homes or beds.

Terri also guides you through each moment of nature. Perfect for when you want to practice mindfulness while feeling that strong awareness of the nature, sounds and colours of Mother Earth all around us. Connecting you deeply and intuitively to Mother Nature.

Each video was beautifully filmed by Tim Blake