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Mindful Tree Program

The Mindful Tree Program has been designed to help children navigate through the challenges of a stressful moment and bring them back into balance. It is to help them when they are ungrounded and finding it hard to concentrate and focus both at home and at school.

There are many reasons why a child may be having problems with their focus, attention, and concentration. It could be lack of sleep or nutrition. They may not be feeling well, having a growth spurt, or dealing with environmental issues. By helping a child to calm, center and balance themselves they can then focus and concentrate more, which will bring increased success in life and school, and this will have a natural knock-on effect for their confidence and self-esteem.

Learning can be very challenging when they are lacking concentration skills. So, by learning and using this technique which will promote balance in your child/children, they will be able to calm down and have an increased attention span.

Learning can be very challenging when they are lacking concentration skills. So, by learning and using this technique which will promote balance in your child/children, they will be able to calm down and have an increased attention span.

My Magical Tree Benefits

  • Help to ease any anxiety
  • Help increase their self confidence
  • Sharing their emotions with one another
  • Enhance their concentration and focus
  • Self Help Techniques
  • Leave them with a deep sense of relaxation
  • Plus, holistic tips and downloadable audio guided visualization

This program includes:

  • Eight Illustrated pages
  • Scripts and tips for Teachers, Caregivers, and Parents
  • My Magical Tree Guided Visualisation
  • Four Guided Meditations
  • Two Mindfulness Meditation videos set in the Redwoods of Northern California, USA
  • Tips on Mindfulness Activities

The Mindful Tree consists of 8 beautifully illustrated pages and on each page, there is a selection of choices. The children choose one thing from the illustrated page and their selected choice becomes the focus of their attention during the mindfulness session.

A script to go with each illustrated page is included, enabling the Teacher or Caregiver to guide the child or children through the mindfulness session. It also includes questions that can be directed towards the children at the end of the session along with a few mindfulness activities.

Guided Visualizations

We have put together five guided meditations and two Mindfulness in Nature meditations to compliment the Mindful Tree Program. These have been designed to help Parents, Teachers, Caregivers, and Hospitals.

Our two Mindfulness in Nature live nature videos can be used alone or as a wonderful family tool, reminding us to slow down and be present with the natural world. You can follow the fish in the ocean, the flow of a river trickling over stones, or the sun coming through the trees. With these are simple but powerful mindful exercises, you use your focused awareness, investigating awareness, less awareness, or natural awareness, to bring in that mindful moment.

These videos are especially wonderful for those who are housebound or in the hospital, allowing them to still be able to connect energetically and to appreciate the beauty of the trees, plants, and natural settings that Mother Earth gives to us from their homes or beds.

Terri also guides you through each moment of nature. They are perfect for when you want to practice mindfulness while feeling that strong awareness of the nature, sounds and colours of Mother Earth all around us. They are created to connect you deeply and intuitively to Mother Nature.

  • My Magical Tree Meditation
  • Morning Meditation
  • Evening Meditation
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Connecting to Mother Earth Meditation
  • Grounding in the Red Woods
  • Peaceful in the Red Woods
  • River Flow Mindfulness

My Magical Tree Book Plus Guided Visualization

My Magical Tree is a tool for emotional wellbeing. It is a magical adventure that will take your child onto a profound journey into a world of imagination, creativity, and positivity. Each page takes them into the roots of an imaginary tree, helping them to become more calm, relaxed, balanced, focused and grounded by tapping into your child’s unique powers of imagination and creativity.

Go through each page of the book with your child make the choices together so that you can discuss the translations of each choice at the end. The translations will give you ideas on how to help. The child may even feel safe enough to open up to you and so it will help if you let all the conversion mostly come from them and just see where it goes. The choices present what the child is experiencing in this moment. Each time they go through it, they will most likely choose completely different things, and this is because emotionally they will be in a different place. If you have a child who always chooses the same thing, then you could maybe work with a second choice and see if that is a better reflection of what is going on.

Use the book as often as you like. When used regularly, it can really help the child to grasp the technique so they can use it in their day to day lives even when the book is not in hand. It can become a lifelong skill.

The Mindful Tree Book helps get to the heart of the child’s emotions. Teaching them how they can choose to change their thoughts from negative to positive, a new way to manage and explore their emotions.

"My Magical Tree" comes with a downloadable audio visualisation

*Age Group: 5 Years and Older