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Nicole Laffranchi – California, USA

“As a single Mom I was looking for a tool to connect with my daughter. She is 12 and I wanted to ensure we have a strong communication and a solid relationship into the future. Both books are truly magical…when my daughter is having a tough day and doesn’t know what she actually needs she asks me to pause and do the books with her. It allows us to pause and check-in to what is really needed. The beauty of this tool is – it allows children to learn the skill of mindfulness early on. I am excited to watch my daughter’s beautiful life unfold and I feel so much more peace knowing she has the tools of this program to help guide and remind her to turn within. Terri herself is a gifted teacher and does wonders working 1:1 with my daughter. I couldn’t be more grateful for this program and for Terri’s gift to share it with the world!!”  Thank you Terri for this wonderful gift!!!!